- 11.04.2014

Democratic elections; the only tool to legitimize the colonialist invasion


All the westernized media are tirelessly propagating that "today on 16th Hamal (5th April) people are going to vote for their favorite candidate who would rule the country for the term of 5 years. The new president would be elected on the bases of majority votes through an independent and transparent process and Afghanistan will move in a direction which the people of Afghanistan want".


Election in its essence is a permissible act but what makes it prohibited is its purpose. A democratic election which is based on (50+1) majority is indeed a lie and prohibited by Shariah, because this makes human being sovereign who by majority can do legislation. Moreover, if we look at the concept of 'free elections' we can easily say that in the presence of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan it's not possible to conduct free and fair elections, rather the invaders are using the forged process to legitimize their existence as done in many other Islamic lands. In fact, the objective of the rulers is not to safeguard its people but to protect the interests of their masters. The best examples to illustrate this fact are the recent referendum of Crimea, Afghan elections as well as the internal rivalry between Erdogan and Ghul of Turkey are all manifest examples.

In Afghanistan's previous elections, the number of participants was substantially low that brought the whole system and democratic process under question. From approximately 30 million population less than 4 million people voted in which a large portion was forged votes. Among these 4 million votes Hamid Karzai got 2 million. Further scrutiny of those two million votes would have proved that even in this majority were bogus votes that could further reduce it to one million. It is because of this that western intelligence agencies through their puppet organizations and its private security companies have launched a heinous campaign of bomb blasts, meeting the so called Ulema, media, officials, civil society and all of them combined to put their efforts to create public opinion for the elections and show. It as if this is the only opportunity people have to change their future, and only by voting in the elections they could curb the influence of the "terrorist and extremists", in fact people are made reactionary as a result of the negative campaign and are told that your vote will defeat those who are creating chaos in Afghanistan.

However, the issue that in the south and eastern provinces around 60% people are not taking part in elections is there, because apart from the centers of these provinces all the other areas are out of the government control. Similarly good numbers of people in Central, North and North-West of Afghanistan have understood the Islamic verdict on democratic elections and are not taking part in it. Yet despite this, the corrupt government agencies will put bogus votes in the boxes and bring it to the center for counting to demonstrate the elections as success.

In addition, if we look at the process and the number of people who will vote in the elections, we can say that again a minority of society will vote, which will be publicized as a great achievement for the system of Democracy in Afghanistan. Using this forge process people are given the sense that it's their vote that will elect someone who will follow their aspirations.

It is evident that the people of Afghanistan want Islam and that is why they fought wars with Britain, then U.S.S.R and now U.S. and NATO. The people of Afghanistan have experienced and witnessed the fallacies and corruption of the secular democratic system. It is in this democratic system that innocent Muslims are being killed on daily bases; their houses are raid, their religion abused, poverty, vulgarity and the implementation of Kufr laws through the democratically elected parliament is what the people of Afghanistan witness.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by

Saifullah Mustanir

Kabul - Wilayah Afghanistan